Below you will find a list of the services that I can offer. Every clock is individual and therefore so is the work required to restore it. This means that all prices are based on my initial diagnosis and consultation, please contact me to arrange an appointment. 
Clock repair and restoration.


Once in the workshop your clock will be given all the care and attention that it needs and deserves. 

This involves a complete strip of all wheels and associated parts, followed by a full and thorough examination to identify all faults that might have occurred. 

All faults will then be rectified and all parts will be cleaned. Your clock will then be rebuilt and lubricated using the correct oils. 

It will then be rigorously tested to check that it will run uninterrupted for the period that the clock was designed to "go" for. 

Dial restoration.

Complete restorations or gentle touch-ups. 

Glass replacement.


Glass replacement and bezel repair, to include hinge and latch repair. 

Clock case and cabinet repair and restoration service. 
Get in touch for further details.