The only clock repairer in Honiton with 100% 5 star reviews on Google.
As a young lad waiting for the school bus, I can remember standing in the grey and gloomy Lancashire drizzle, gazing into the window of the Clockmaker's shop: I was fascinated. I found myself  dreaming that the rain would stop and that I would one day learn how to repair clocks. 

As luck would have it, a few years later, when I was serving as an aircraft engineer in the Royal Navy at RNAS Yeovilton, I met and fell in love with a clockmaker's daughter. We were married within a year and eventually I persuaded my father-in-law to teach me his trade.


I have been examined by the BHI (British Horological Institute) and spent several years working under the supervision of my father-In- law, in his shop near Ilminster in Somerset. Funnily enough, he  also trained with his own father-in-law.

In my early thirties I went about setting up my own workshop in Honiton. I can service anything from  tiniest carriage clock to the most imposing grandfather. I will lovingly breathe new life into your treasured timepiece whether it has been forgotten about for many years  or has just stopped working. If your clock is in need of more than just a service, I can sympathetically fabricate parts to keep the historical value of the clock intact. In addition, I can offer case and cabinet repair and restoration, a dial restore service and a glass replacement service.  

So here I find myself, in sunny Devon, out of the rain and doing the work that I love. It's funny how life works out, isn't it?